At Rainy Day Recruiter, our mission is to provide a complete service that encompasses search, negotiation and placement. As a Talent Acquisition Consultant, our strategy is to find the best solution for your company’s hiring needs. Using one consultant or a team, our top priority is to meet your goals.


Healthcare is facing shortages in nearly every area. Clinical, allied health, and  administration are all areas of concern. Rely on our expertise to source, campaign and qualify the right candidates for those roles.


No matter what sector of the economy your company operates in, today there is technology behind it. We have decades of experience working with startups, to Fortune 500 companies, to mid-size niche operators. Tell us what makes your company tick.


Whatever product or service you provide, you”re running a business. A talent shortage takes time away from what you are in business for to begin with. Let us help you staff up for any level of expertise. When you don’t have the time, or can’t locate that right fit, that is when you CALL US.


What type of engineering are you hiring for? We have expertise with civil, power and energy and have worked with clients in those areas. We have also placed software, firmware and hardware candidates within companies big and small. Let’s talk about what YOU are building.

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After nearly two decades in the business, I  have a reputation for professionalism and a candid approach. Each company offers unique challenges. Let’s talk about yours.


Jarrod Ditmore

Talent Acquisition Consultant