Ultrasound Technologist (Inpatient) Echo

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Position Purpose:

Under the general direction of a physician and the department supervisor, the Sonographer, specializing in either Cardiac, Vascular, or General areas, performs complex diagnostic ultrasound procedures in the emergency and trauma unit, surgical unit, critical care units, inpatient units, and on outpatients. To work directly and effectively in a multi-disciplinary team in stressful emergency situations. Must have the technical ability to optimize imaging exams on critical patients. Cardiac Ultrasound Technologists perform diagnostic procedures of the heart per protocol for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cardiac disease processes in accordance with industry, Federal, State, Joint Commission, ICAEL, ASE, and the facilitator’s standards and requirements. Vascular Ultrasound Technologists perform diagnostic ultrasound procedures on various vascular systems of the body per protocol for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of peripheral venous, peripheral arterial, intracranial and extracranial disease processes in accordance with industry Federal, State, and Joint Commission, ICAVL, SVU, and facilitator’s standards and requirements. General Ultrasound Technologists perform diagnostic ultrasound procedures of various organs and soft tissue of the body per protocol for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of peripheral vascular, cerebral vascular and systemic disease processes in accordance with industry, Federal, State and Joint Commission, ACR, and facilitator’s standards and requirements. The various Sonographers carry out the physician’s orders by following established protocols and care standards to insure improved patient outcomes. In conjunction with leadership, this position is responsible for delivering patient care through proper execution of care standards, physician orders, and advanced imaging skills, while supporting the vision and mission of Client Healthcare Systems.

Nature and Scope:

The major challenges to this position include but are not limited to operate a variety of sophisticated ultrasonic imaging units and reading and reporting systems. The technologist is responsible for keeping current on technological advances within all aspects of imaging according to the modality the sonographer is specialized in. The sonographer must acquire the necessary skills to perform new ultrasonic examination and modalities as they are added to the department product line. The sonographer will review images for identification, technique, and completeness according to the governing body of that specific modality, i.e. American Society of Echocardiography, and ICAEL for cardiac ultrasound, the SDMS and ACR for diagnostic ultrasound, and the SVU and ICAVL for vascular ultrasound. The Sonographer will function as a role model, and professional resource to patients, physicians, peers, and the general public in a manner consistent with the values and standards of conduct of Health. The sonographer will provide training to new department staff members and sonography students. They will participate in educational sessions, contribution technical and professional knowledge to; students, allied health professionals, and physicians. The Sonographer is responsible for performing all types of ultrasonic examinations according to the modality he or she is specialized in and various exams specific to modality will include some invasive techniques such as: cardiac ultrasound- the use of approved contrast agents or agitated saline according to policy, general ultrasound- paracentesis, thoracentesis and biopsy exams etc. according to policy, and vascular ultrasound- involvement with line placement and thrombin injection exams etc, all exams including these types of exams will be followed according to policy. Examinations may be performed in the respective ultrasound department or any other department or nursing floor as required. The sonographer will actively participate and cooperate in the accreditation and re-accreditation application process for each respective modality. The sonographer will perform other duties or assignments as requested by the department supervisor including but not limited to; checking code blue carts, eye wash stations, blanket warmers, refrigerators, cleaning and maintaining equipment and the lab, and meeting all requirements set forth by our governing and accreditation bodies, Federal, State, Joint Commission, and Health requirements. Apply the technical skills required to operate diagnostic ultrasound equipment and have excellent communication skills and the ability to be flexible and function in a fast-changing environment and work under stress along with the ability to maintain strict confidentiality is essential. The incumbent must demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care based on physical, motor/sensory, psychosocial, and safety appropriate to patients served ranging in age from infant, child, adolescent, adult and geriatric, and meet standards of quality as measured by the unit/department age specific competency standards. The incumbent may be asked to perform other job duties related to Medical Center as needed. The incumbent may be responsible for mentoring Ultrasound Students from a CAAHEP program. This will consist of teaching the students departmental protocols, equipment operation, proper documentation and paperwork while achieving the best possible Ultrasound Image. These objectives will help prepare the student(s) to become a Registered Sonographer This position has the authority to make technical decisions that will provide the best possible sonographic image quality. This position must be proficient in the use of ultrasound imaging systems. This position will require training and general knowledge attained to operate the hospital and department computer systems.

Minimum Qualifications Education: Must have working-level knowledge of the English language, including reading, writing and speaking English. Experience: Minimum one-year clinical experience in the respective departmental required. License(s): Active registry with either Cardiovascular Credentialing International (offering, RCS, , or RVS) or American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (offering RDMS, RVT, RDCS,). Certification(s): Must obtain AHA BLS certification within sixty (60) days of employment.

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