The healthcare recruiter for the continuum of care

Rainy Day Recruiter has spent over two decades working within every area and service line in the medical field—from clinical roles to professionals in tech, finance, quality control, compliance, operations, and interim management. We have provided our long-standing clients with the specialized healthcare recruitment services they need to remain effective and ensure improved patient outcomes.

The healthcare space is a diverse one and requires a diverse set of people to fill essential roles. Our advocacy is professional, discrete, and informed by a detailed understanding of the healthcare system and the professionals who fill its vital roles. We are a dedicated healthcare recruiter, focused on getting healthcare talent where it needs to be.

Recognize your value. Leverage your skill.

We concentrate on maximizing the career mobility and satisfaction of every candidate we represent, working with nurses, organizational leaders, and interim management professionals to find career opportunities that fit with their personal and professional goals.

We listen. We coach. We put your priorities first.

Your healthcare recruiter and consultant.
Every specialty. Every role.