Interim Healthcare Management

To accurately and efficiently match healthcare entities with executive-level leadership that matches their culture and enables their goals requires a deep understanding of both the business and the healthcare space. Rainy Day Recruiter is that recruiter.

Do you have experience leading organizations? Have you proven your ability to ensure organizational momentum and foster strategic growth? Can you help an essential healthcare organization through a period of crisis or transition? Interim healthcare management might be the challenge you have been looking for.

Rainy Day Recruiter has spent over twenty years building industry-defining relationships with healthcare’s leading companies and organizations. We provide our executive-level candidates with both short and long-term leadership opportunities with all types of healthcare providers. We advocate for our exceptional candidates by connecting them with exceptional career opportunities.

Our Placement Experience

We know the complexities of healthcare and all the roles that make it function. These are just a few of the interim healthcare management roles we have placed.

  • Interim Chief Nursing Officer
  • Interim Director of Quality
  • Interim Director of ICU
  • Interim Chief Clinical Officer
  • Interim Director of Surgical Services
  • Interim Director of Imaging
  • Interim Chief Medical Officer

Are you in search of new leadership
opportunities in healthcare? We can help.